We are very excited to announce that we are releasing 4 new reports—Device, Browser, Geographical, and ISP—into public beta today. The reports will be available in our advanced statistics interface and were built to provide our customers with the ability to better understand how and where their customers are interacting with their emails.

These new reports join other email performance metrics that we already provide like open, click, and unsubscribe rates. Armed with all of this data, our customers can now make more informed decisions about how, when, and where their email is most effective at meeting user acquisition, user retention, or overall marketing goals.


The new reports track email performance across four major reporting categories:

Device Reports: 

Device-level insight is critical in helping customers plan the creation of responsive templates or content that works across multiple platforms. With our device reports, customers can now understand email open rates across major device platforms, including smartphone, tablet, desktop, and webmail.  Smartphone and tablet categories are further segmented by operating system, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Browser Reports: 

Customers can now determine which browsers are being used to view emails, regardless of the access device. They can also see which browsers are launched when a user clicks on active links inside of an email. This allows our customers to have a complete understanding of how their users interact with their email.

Geographical Reports:

Customers can understand where their email is being opened across the world and how much email is going to each country. They can also access state and province-level statistics for email delivered in the U.S. and Canada.

ISP Reports: 

Our new Internet Service Provider reports allow customers to quickly identify trends in their email across various domains and enable them to ensure that their mail is being delivered evenly across all domains. Customers can also use this data to review success across domains and determine if content customization is required.

We’re thrilled that our customers now have access to even more valuable data that will allow them to make more informed decisions when it comes to their content creation, timing of emails, and email localization.

SendGrid Team
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