We say it all the time. Remove the no-reply in your email from-address and give recipients the chance to communicate with you! But what happens when you remove that no-reply and you actually start getting just what your asked for– replies? It can be a little intimidating, but that’s where our Parse Webhook comes into play! SendGrid’s Inbound Parse Webhook will receive those incoming messages for your app and parse out the content as you see fit by adjusting the parameters.

If you didn’t catch our webcast Be an Email Switch Hitter: Inside SendGrid’s Parse Webhook you missed our Developer Evangelist Kunal give a live demo on how to implement the Parse Webhook in your SendGrid account in less than ten minutes! But have no fear, we pulled it out for you and made it into our latest Webcast Byte:

If you are interested in more materials on the Parse Webhook check out our docs section.

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