When Rodrigo Guzman was in grad school, he would lose track of his physics research. Though he spent a lot of time working, the days would blend together. He wasn’t really sure he was making forward progress. So he started outlining the important things he did each day on a calendar.

This problem of understanding one’s own productivity exists outside of academia, too. Guzman co-founded iDoneThis to help others use his simple trick to track their own important things and share them with their team members.

Every day, iDoneThis sends an email out to its users that requests a reply with what each did that day. Since iDoneThis uses the Parse Webhook, recipients can use the entirety of the application from their email client.

When iDoneThis was preparing to launch in January, 2011, Guzman realized that its emails were not hitting inboxes. That’s when he discovered and implemented SendGrid. IDoneThis, like many SendGrid customers, originally only used our service to send email. Incoming email was stored in an email box accessed periodically via IMAP. Later it found the Parse Webhook, which parses 10,000 emails per day for iDoneThis, all in real-time.

Where the Parse Webhook really shines for iDoneThis is its team reporting tool. Organizations and companies can use iDoneThis to share their efforts. Communicating what everyone is working on becomes easier, but only if collaborators use it. Even though there is a web version of iDoneThis, 70% of team members have never visited it. In other words, most of iDoneThis users that are part of teams use iDoneThis only via email sent to the Parse Webhook.

Make incoming email part of your application
Download the free Parse Webhook Guide and discover the tool that enables iDoneThis and many other SendGrid customers.

It covers common use cases for incoming email, as well as how to allow SendGrid to receive email for your domain (or subdomain). The guide includes case studies, fun examples and a simple method to test any webhook, including the Parse Webhook.

Access the free download here: Parse Webhook Guide: Make Email a Two Way Street

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