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Hurricane Sandy managed to bring New York to a grinding halt last week when she took out our power and public transportation.  I was lucky enough to live in an area that was mostly unaffected, but sadly a lot of New York and New Jersey residents weren’t as fortunate.  While I was waiting out the weather, the gears in my head started turning and I was trying to think out ways I could use my new found love for Arduino to help people survive extreme weather (like hurricanes).

SendGrid Community, I need your help!

This post is actually just a small taste of what’s to come in the next month or so.  I’m in the process of building my first three hacks now and I plan to update the SendGrid blog with very detailed pictures and tutorials so you can build your own hardware hacks at home.  I want to unveil my work at the Barcelona Developers Conference in early December since I’ll be there for the hackathon and conference, but I need your help with community voting so I can make it to the stage!  Voting ends on November 12th!

Voting Instructions:

  1. Head over to the page for my talk (click here)
  2. Sign up for an account using the “Register” button in the top right corner
  3. Log in using the credentials you just created
  4. Click the numbered star on the left side of the page to vote (if it turns red, it worked!)

A small preview

Any votes and shares are greatly appreciated.  Here’s a few photos of the first project I’ve been working on, a “Panic Button” for when you’re stranded and need help.  The idea is that when  you end up in an emergency situation with no power, you can use this little battery operated box to send an email and SMS with your exact GPS coordinates to local rescue workers.  (Powered by SendGrid and our friends over at Twilio of course!)







So, that’s it for now.  Keep your eyes on the blog for more updates.

– Swift


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