Whether you’re sending your first email campaign, troubleshooting sending, or exploring ways to optimize your sending strategies, the new SendGrid Knowledge Center empowers you with how-to articles and reference information on the SendGrid user interface, Marketing Campaigns, APIs, and webhooks.

The Knowledge Center replaces our former documentation website and ensures that resources are concise, easy to find, and provide you with the answers you were looking for.

Speaking your language

Avoid frustrating headaches with resources designed to speak your language–regardless of your technical aptitude. We’ve separated informational how-to articles and videos from more technical “For Developers” section to ensure the information you need speaks your language.

The “For Developers” section expedites end-to-end integration time and troubleshooting by highlighting our interactive API reference, getting started recommendations for API and SMTP, and our 7 open source language libraries.

The intuitive design and structure of the new Knowledge Center ensure less technical how-to articles and videos are easy to find and explore without having to dig through code or API documentation.

Streamlined for efficiency

The Knowledge Center allows you to get back to your other to-do’s by streamlining your information-gathering process with precise search, concise how-to content, and straightforward shortcuts. Our new site is organized by task and includes:

  • A table of contents and “before you begin” sections
  • Website breadcrumbs—never lose your place and easily go back to exactly the page you were looking for
  • Interlinked related resources

We want you to find exactly what you need to know to complete your task quickly.

Here at SendGrid, we take our customers’ needs seriously, prioritizing ways we can help solve your problems. With our new Knowledge Center, we’re hoping you can find information on the SendGrid UI, APIs, and webhooks faster and more easily. Explore the new site today!

Lindsey Weinig
As a Senior Product Marketing Manager at SendGrid, Lindsey works cross-functionally to bring new products and features to market. Acting as the voice of the customer, Lindsey works with our engineering, product, marketing, sales, and support teams to ensure that customer needs are met and that SendGrid continues to deliver on our promise of enabling customers to send with confidence.