The following is a guest post from Ryan Gushue at Enplug

With Enplug digital signage, we’ve developed a way for businesses to better engage with their customers through social media from inside their venue. We use SendGrid to automate some of our consumer-facing communication. Here are some highlights.

Real-time Notifications and Support

As a startup, our resources are limited, so saving time and money through automation is key for becoming more efficient. Welcome emails and password-reset information are dynamically generated and delivered to our clients through SendGrid, allowing our support staff to focus on more important customer needs.

Our Enplug Plug & Play mini device turns any digital display into an interactive and real-time marketing tool for businesses. The Enplug App Market lets businesses pick from a variety of apps to display, including live social media feeds, advertisements, news feeds, weather, and more.

Our most popular app is the live social feed, where businesses can display a live Twitter wall, Instagram wall, Yelp wall, Facebook feed, Swarm feed, and more. Customers can post using the business’s handle (@LAPorsche) or hashtag (#LosAngelesPorsche) to appear on the display instantly.

Since real-time social media interactivity is such a large facet of our product, we cannot have any of these systems experiencing issues. Recently, one of our international resellers was working an Enplug booth at a popular trade show in Slovakia. While setting up the booth, our Twitter service, which is responsible for listening to the stream of incoming tweets, went down. Because of the time difference, our engineers here in Los Angeles were awoken by an email notification from SendGrid alerting them of the anomaly. Our engineers were able to resolve the issue moments before the trade show started.

The Enplug network is comprised of many different components that are dependent on each other and need to be reliable. Running at high efficiency and maintaining 100% uptime is of utmost importance. If any one of these components happens to be experiencing any sort of technical difficulties or downtime, our engineering team needs to be instantly notified. Tying in SendGrid’s email service into our infrastructure enables us to stay on top of everything.

Billing  Efficiency

As of just six months ago, our billing statements were sent to customers manually, through individual emails. While recently going through a period of high-growth, we needed to alter our billing process to keep up with the large number of new customers. SendGrid allowed us to automate our activation emails, order confirmations, and billing statements, which was crucial for keeping pace with new registrants.

While switching to a “Plug n’ Play” business model, this automation has become more important than ever before. We need to be able to provide thousands of customers with a seamless buying process to properly achieve scalability.

With only 35 employees and devices in over 40 cities, our team is constantly working to keep up with demand and reach even higher levels of growth. It’s crucial for us to take advantage of the efficiency and automation that SendGrid’s tools have to offer, so we can focus our resources elsewhere throughout Enplug and continue to support a high rate of growth.

If you’re interested in using Enplug to increase your social media impressions and in-venue experience, head to to try a free demo and learn more!

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