Just in time for the holidays, we put together a little gift for our fellow email marketers, especially those who are just starting to build their first campaign. We compiled our top 26 email marketing tips in a fun, interactive guide filled with quizzes, downloadable checklists, videos, and more.

In our 2017 A-Z of Email Marketing Guide, learn expert tips for creating effective CTAs (and print out a handy checklist), find out what makes the perfect email preference center (hint: more is more!), and discover how to prevent making a few common email marketing mistakes that can derail your campaigns.

Outside of detailed examples and a bunch of interactive checklists, you can also test your email knowledge with our fun holiday “true/false” quiz.

Since we’re nearing the holidays, let’s jump into a couple of the tips here, and then head on over to the interactive asset to see if you’re right!

Test Your Holiday Email Knowledge

True or False? Make sure to reward your VIP recipients during the holidays.

TRUE! While your subscribers are always your #1 priority, it’s never a bad idea to show some extra appreciation for those who engage with your emails the most, especially during the holidays.

Your high engagers are your brand ambassadors—show them that you’re their biggest fan too but thanking them for their engagement and sharing some extra value. Maybe it’s a new whitepaper you released, interesting stats from a new study, or maybe it’s a discount on their next purchase with you. Everyone likes to receive gifts during the holidays, let your high engagers know that they’re a gift to you by acknowledging them in a special, personalized way.

True or False? Pay close attention to your engagement rates during the holidays.

TRUE! If you’re a retailer, it’s likely that you’re sending higher than normal volume during the holidays (see our quiz for more thoughts on this!). But, you’re not alone. Everyone is sending more email and inundating your recipients! This can lead to email fatigue and can increase the likelihood of your recipients hitting the unsubscribe or spam button.

During high sending seasons, it’s imperative that you listen to your subscribers. If you’re seeing a decrease in your engagement rates (opens and clicks) or a higher number of unsubscribes, be sure to analyze your sending frequency and re-visit your content. Maybe the changes that you’re making for the holidays aren’t resonating with your subscribers like you thought they would. Conversely, if you’re seeing an uptick in engagement rates (and conversion from your emails) there is a chance that you can increase your volume. Just don’t get too excited! If you do, continue to monitor your engagement rates closely.

If you got these two questions right, check out the rest of our quiz in our interactive guide because it’s always a good idea to brush up on best practices before the holidays. Use this guide as your roadmap and share with your co-workers to see how much they know…or how much you can teach them. 😉

Jillian Smith
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