That’s a wrap on Collision Conference, “America’s fastest growing tech conference,” which came to an epic conclusion on May 3rd after four days of impressive displays of innovation. Taking place in the vibrant city of New Orleans, this annual event brings together Fortune 500 companies, groundbreaking startups, and world-class speakers from all over the world to explore the latest innovations in technology.

We were fortunate enough to have Paul Ford, VP of Community Development at SendGrid, representing SendGrid for part of the week.

It wasn’t just Paul who got the crowd going, though. We’re proud to report that our entire team of Gridders in attendance wasn’t afraid to get the party started!

Another notable highlight was the news that the event would move to Toronto next year, as announced by the Canadian Prime Minister himself, Justin Trudeau! Although we’re bummed to see that Denver, one of the top cities in the running, wasn’t selected, we look forward to visiting our neighbors up North in 2019.

Many attendees were excited to see more women leading presentations and discussions, and we couldn’t agree more! This year, women accounted for 35% of all presenters—a number we hope to see grow even further as the event continues to evolve.

In fact, at Collision Conference 2017, Jennifer Litorja, Ecosystem Development at SendGrid, hosted an email strategy workshop designed specifically for startups and the turnout was incredible.

One of our favorite sessions of the week was from our friends over at HubSpot. CEO Brian Halligan took the stage to explore company mission and how to turn startups into “scale ups.” Halligan led with this powerful statement: “There are two types of workers: missionaries and mercenaries. Fill your company with mission-driven employees and culture will benefit.”

We also loved hearing from Uber, one of our own customers. John Flynn, Chief Information Security Officer, hosted a great talk about security and how the company utilizes data to enrich the customer experience. Flynn stated that “privacy and security have to be part of the development process at the beginning of building a product.” Can we get an amen?

We left Collision Conference 2018 ready and invigorated to take on the tech industry’s most pressing problems. We look forward to seeing the discussions (and parties) that come out of next year’s event in Toronto! See you there, eh?

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Jesse Sumrak
Jesse Sumrak is a Content Marketing Associate at Twilio SendGrid focused on writing killer content and producing captivating webinars. A writing zealot by day and an ultramarathon runner by night (and early-early morning), you can usually find Jesse preparing for the apocalypse on a precipitous peak somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.