With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to highlight one of the great non-profit organizations that chooses to send their email through SendGrid. DonorsChoose.org is an online charity that helps people find and then help fund school projects they would like to support.

DonorsChoose.org pioneered the idea of crowdfunding for charity in April 2000. Today, nearly 66,000 schools participate in sharing classroom projects that need additional support from donors.

How DonorsChoose.org Works

Teachers from all over the country can post projects on DonorsChoose.org that need to be funded. Types of projects can include:

  • Field trips
  • Books
  • Team sports
  • Art supplies
  • Math supplies

In addition to choosing the project type, donors can choose the location of the project, allowing them to help schools that are near their homes if they want. When a donor has chosen a project they’d like to help fund, they can contribute as much as they’d like, or as little as $1.

Once a project has been funded, donors receive updates about the project, photos of the project taking place, a letter from the teacher, as well as information about how the donations were spent. If a project doesn’t reach it’s funding goal, the donor will receive account credits they can use to fund another project or to send the teacher from the original project a DonorsChoose.org giftcard.

How SendGrid and DonorsChoose.org Work Together

The primary form of communication between teachers and donors about projects is email. As a result, DonorsChoose.org chose to go with the leading cloud-base email as an infrastructure provider. SendGrid ensures that emails about project funding, updates from teachers, and messages about new projects are delivered to donors.  

To learn more about how DonorsChoose.org began using SendGrid to deliver their email, and how they’ve used email to grow donations and their organization, read the full DonorsChoose.org case study.

In addition to delivering email to donors and teachers alike, SendGrid provides DonorsChoose.org with a 15% discount for being a non-profit organization. If you’re a non-profit that would like to start sending with SendGrid at a discounted rate, please visit our pricing page to see which account best fits your needs.  

Warren Duff
Warren is the Sr. Content Marketing Manager at SendGrid, specializing in email and content best practices, he develops many of the new guides you see SendGrid release as well as other pieces of content, including blogs, videos, case studies, and emails.