I have been the documentation developer at SendGrid for a couple weeks now. I was hired to organize and improve the customer facing documentation from a content, engagement, and functional perspective.

The outpouring of excitement for enhancing our documentation is absolutely amazing. Everyone I have talked to has willingly offered their time and knowledge to make sure that I have the resources and information I need to get my job started. Everyone also has thoughts and ideas on what we can do with docs to make them better.

Our documentation has touched or has been touched by nearly every single department at SendGrid. Our engineers are writing new API endpoints that need to be documented. Our Content Marketing team has blog posts for days, much of which will help me tremendously to improve the docs. I have only scratched the surface with ideas from our marketing team on how we can A/B test to improve the experience in docs.

Contribute to SendGrid’s Documentation

The Developer Relations team, of which I am a member, has been amazingly supportive and patient with all my silly questions and rookie mistakes (here’s how to branch the repo…) while also having amazing input into what they see and the questions they receive out in the world. Due to the way that Brandon set up our docs, with Jekyll and Travis-ci, anyone can make changes. Even you. I have been able to quickly jump in and make edits, but the best part of my job has been showing everyone I can get to listen how they can make changes too.

“Oh wait, I can [add/fix] that?” 

Yes. Yes you can! Everything I have done so far and everything I will do with docs is being directed by the SendGrid docs goal:

Make docs visitors’ lives easier, so they can use or integrate SendGrid quickly.

What can we add, remove, explain better, screenshot, or modify that will make our docs visitors’ lives better? If some wild idea comes down for docs and it doesn’t fit this goal, then it’s likely not going to happen. Yes, I’ve been pushing back on this. The best part is that the response has been positive and constructive!

If there is something you are having trouble finding in our docs or something that isn’t making sense, please let us know! We want to help you solve your email problem quickly and effectively. So if we can add something to the docs to answer your question and the next person’s too, then we’re reaching our goal. You can actually send us an issue on our docs GitHub repo, where you can also make changes to our docs if you’d like.

This is an exciting project to be involved with and I can’t wait to see where it can go.

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