THANK YOU! At 30 days into Hacktoberfest, we have received an astounding 1,100+ pull requests across all of our open source projects! That is up over 2,000% from last year! My apologies for the multiple consecutive exclamation marks, but we are just super excited. 💖



1 day to go!

The best part is that we’re not done! There is still 1 more day left for you to earn your very own, limited edition, SendGrid Hacktoberfest t-thirt, and sticker.

All you need to do is have 1, yes only ONE, pull request accepted this month. Need some inspiration?

Check out these PRs that have already earned swag:

OK, time to get ✨swagamatized✨! Check out these issues ready for the taking:

And that’s just the start

Even though we have many pre-defined issues, we are always open to other fixes you may discover. Feel free to go ahead and make a PR with your fix, or to create an issue.

Be sure to show some love to Digital Ocean and GitHub for creating this amazing developer holiday. If you sign up on the official Hacktoberfest page and get 4 PRs accepted, you can get swagged out by Digital Ocean and GitHub too!

Long live open source and Happy Hacking! 🙂

Elmer Thomas is SendGrid's Developer Experience Engineer. His mission is to help SendGrid live up to its slogan: "Email Delivery. Simplified" by improving the lives of developers, both internally and externally. Via all sorts of hackery, of course. Follow his exploits on Twitter and GitHub.