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A Growth Hacker’s Guide to Transactional Email

Guest Post

Okay, so what’s a transactional email? Well, there’s bulk email and then there’s transactional email. Bulk emails are emails you send to everyone all at once, like a newsletter or a company update. Transactional emails on the other hand are emails you send to users one at a time. The difference between the two types of email lies in the … Read more ›

Real-time News Monitoring with FeedsAPI and SendGrid

Guest Post

The following is a guest post from Charly Omer, Founder and CEO of the real-time news monitoring tool FeedsAPI, a service to help journalists, editorial teams, and geeks monitor news source and fetch full text RSS feeds in real-time. FeedsAPI is mainly a full text RSS feed and news-monitoring tool. It makes it exceptionally easy and simple for startup companies, developers, and … Read more ›

Thanks to Our Guest Blog Contributors

Guest Post

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and your fill of family, friends, and (of course) delicious food! In the spirit of the season, we wanted to give thanks for our amazing guest blog contributors. Whether it be to explain how SendGrid is best integrated with their product to make your life just a little easier, or to share their … Read more ›

How SendGrid Enables Our Unified Mobile Communications Platform

Guest Post, Partnerships

This guest post comes from Jim Barnes of Moblico, a mobile platform for loyalty management. Mobile apps have naturally become the answer to interacting with the ever-connected consumer. We all know that it doesn’t stop at making an app. There are a number of ways you can communicate with your customer. Chiefly among them are email, SMS, and push notifications. … Read more ›

Make Email Vocal with Free APIs

Guest Post, Product, Technical

The following is a guest post from Chris Ismael, Developer Evangelist from Mashape If you’re like me, you read a lot of email. I thought I might change that up and have email read to me. In this tutorial, we will use SendGrid’s awesome Inbound Parse Webhook to get the subject of an incoming email, which will then be read … Read more ›