We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and your fill of family, friends, and (of course) delicious food! In the spirit of the season, we wanted to give thanks for our amazing guest blog contributors. Whether it be to explain how SendGrid is best integrated with their product to make your life just a little easier, or to share their best practices for email, we truly appreciate their contribution. Check out a few of the highlights below and click on the links to read the full articles:

“Embarke has automated the ability to perform some of SendGrid’s email delivery best practices. In this post I’ll break down what these best practices are and how Embarke can help you make the most of them.” How to Automate Email Delivery Best Practices with SendGrid and Embarke

The Dead-End Email Series

“In the land of email marketing, strategic marketers know how important it is to have a strong call to action (CTA). Whether you are sending a monthly newsletter or a transactional welcome email to new customers, it’s incredibly important that every email you send has a clear action that motivates user engagement.” Just Say “No” to Dead-End Email

“In my previous post Just say ‘No’ to Dead-End Emails, I outlined how transactional emails that lack a clear call-to-action (CTA) are a missed opportunity — a ‘dead-end.’ In this post I want to highlight how dead-end emails give your users a poor experience. This case study emphasizes how a consistent experience can really make a difference.” Turn Dead-End Emails Into Great Experiences: A Case Study

“Last time, I wrote about how one company identified a dead-end email that was really hurting their users’ experience. I showed how they improved engagement by focusing on a missed opportunity. In this post, I want to show examples of what dead-end emails can look like, and contrast them with examples of some amazing transactional emails.” Dead-End Email Showdown

“Our web applications, like most, send email. They send email to employees at TrackAbout, to our users, and to people of our users’ choosing. Getting email delivered is significantly harder than most would think, largely because you have zero control over the whims of the receiving email server.”  A Little Webhook Can Go a Long Way

These are just a few of our awesome guest posts we’ve had this year and there will certainly be many more to come, so stay tuned! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Kate Schmeisser
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