Here at SendGrid, we’re thinking about email 24 hours a day. While that may be true for our team, we know that email is often just one of the many jobs that you may be responsible for each day.

Not only that; the email landscape isn’t easy to navigate.

With all the information out there and the speed at which it changes, just knowing where to begin can feel overwhelming.

Email troubles?

If you were to notice that your customers were losing interest in your emails, would you know why? What steps would you take to get to the bottom of things and find out what was causing the drop in engagement? How confident are you that you would be able to fix things before it had a negative impact on your business?

You’re not alone

Too often, the information available to marketers and developers alike is vague, unproven, or simply lacks actionable steps that you can take with your own program. That’s why we’re excited to introduce SendGrid Academy—a free online learning community, enabling you to take email education into your own hands.

Whether you’re a seasoned email expert or preparing to send your very first campaign, the Academy will allow you to choose your own path through streamlined, guided courses.

SendGrid Academy

Each course can be completed in just 10 to 15 minutes and features clear, actionable steps from our unrivaled team of industry experts. We’ll cover a range of bite-sized, high-impact strategies, including email delivery fundamentals, overcoming delivery pitfalls and getting the most from Marketing Campaigns. Just a few of the courses that you’ll explore are:

  • Get Up Close and Personal With Your Contacts: Learn how to thoughtfully approach the management of your customer data. We’ll share how to think about and organize your recipients so that you’re poised for success when it comes to segmentation and even personalization of your content.
  • Figure Out Why Your Emails are Going to Spam: Dive into the realities of how spam filters work and the specific things you can control to help keep your emails out of them! We’ll cover setting realistic expectations for your inbox rate, common pitfalls, and even how to troubleshoot when your test email fails.
  • Steps for a Smart Start With Marketing Campaigns: Discover how to optimize contacts for better engagement, maintain compliance, and utilize powerful opt-out preferences to keep your program healthy and much more!

With 11 streamlined courses and more on the way, there are email courses for everyone. Head over to to get started and enroll in any of the courses for free.

Ryan Darbonne
Ryan is a product marketing manager here at SendGrid. When he’s not working to better understand SendGrid's customers and strategize the launch of new offerings, he’s out enjoying Denver with his wife or finding the latest non-fiction to read.