Customer Success: Gowalla Teams with SendGrid to Strengthen Their Business

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Gowalla is a socially curated travel guide that helps users keep up with their friends and share their favorite places. Gowalla uses email delivery notifications and friend requests to their users so these emails need to arrive in the inbox on time and as expected. However, Gowalla started to experience email delivery failures that could not be resolved by their email provider. Their email delivery rates went down and they had zero visibility into their overall email metrics. They decided they need to make a change.

Gowalla searched for a new email provider that had extensive reporting capabilities for email campaign optimization and sound measures to help with email deliverability. Being that they were on a shared IP with their old provider, having the ability to move to a dedicated IP address was a big requirement for them. In fact, they wanted multiple IPs so they could better understand and control their mailstreams.

Today, SendGrid supports their small IT team with issues and questions and relieves them from the overall burden of email management. They have access to a broader and deeper set of metrics for each of their IPs giving them the ability to better focus on email communication as a way to strengthen their business and build relationships with their users.

Read the entire case study to learn what Adam McManus, Gowalla’s Senior Operations Engineer had to say about using SendGrid.

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