A few weeks ago, I found myself arriving in Recife, Brazil for PythonBrasil[10]. I had the time of my life and met extremely bad ass people over there. I also met people whom I now call friends, and I’ll try to highlight some of my favorite things from the experience below.

PythonBrasil consists of workshops, talks, sprints, and some really fun activities. The conference was super well organized. Three tracks to choose from, with amazing speakers and keynotes such as Jose Valim, the creator of the Elixir language.

Translations were available, but I want to improve my understanding of Portuguese, so I didn’t use them. Transportation was never an issue (even though there were over 300 attendees), and the venue was the same one Scott Motte had previously attended for a different conference and it was amazing.

I was chosen to be a speaker at the conference. My talk was titled “Python vs. Gopher,” and it highlighted the differences in the Go language when coming from the Python language. It was super fun, and I had a great audience with a lot of questions! If you have seen me give a talk or a demo, you know I love the Shia Labeouf magic gif. I always take pictures of my crowd doing it and this time was no different!

I also learned a lesson about giving talks. More specifically, naming a talk. I had several people come up to me after my talk to tell me they didn’t attend because they didn’t know Gopher was a reference to the Go language. Always keep this in mind. It might seem obvious, but it’s definitely not, especially if there is a language barrier. Thankfully, organizers recorded the talks and they will be available soon. 

During my time in Brazil, the guys from JusBrasil threw a get-together in their “party house” and had community friends and a chef over for some beer: 

In return, I sent them a care package which I guess they really enjoyed!

If you ever have the time to visit Brazil, specifically Recife/Porto de Galinhas, don’t think twice, just try to go! You will meet amazing people.

Thank you @xima, @fernandogrd, @_renatoOliveira for throwing an excellent conference, pulling in great minds, showing me a great time, and babysitting me!

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