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It’s that time of year – time to recognize and say thanks to those who deserve it. Typically, we all think about this on a personal, individual level. However, we believe it is just as important from an organizational standpoint – after all, though SendGrid is a “company”, it is also (like all companies) a group of people who have come together to reach a common goal.

Our goal: to make people’s lives easier…by making email better.

We recognize that we can’t achieve that goal as a company without the help from a bunch of awesome people.

So, we’re taking this opportunity to say thanks to the following groups of people and every individual that finds himself or herself within one of those groups:

Customers (for supporting us, putting up with our imperfections, and providing invaluable feedback)

– Partners (for trusting us and believing in the value we bring to the table)

Investors (for giving us the necessary resources)

– Advisors/Mentors (for guiding us)

– Competitors (for pushing us to be better than them)

Employees (for working day and night to get stuff done) & their families (for putting up with our long hours)

Now, it is one thing to just say, “Thanks!”, but we like to go a step further and offer more than a simple word. So, we’re taking action, and some examples include:

– our Refer-a-Friend program: benefitting both the referrer and the person being referred to us

AppSumo bundle: offering new users (or existing Free and Basic users) a $497 value for $17

SitePoint “24 Days of Deals”: this is coming in December, and we’ll provide more information soon!

– sponsorships: Independent Media (eg, TWiST), Non-profits (eg, Startup Weekend), Startups (through coupons for accelerators like TechStars and YC), etc.

These are just a few ways that we have found so far to give thanks to those who have helped us along the way. But stay tuned to our blog, Twitter, etc., because there is much more to come!

Finally, we wish everyone a happy holiday. And rest assured that your email will keep on sending – we’ll have people on staff to help with your support questions and constantly monitor our system status…because email never stops!

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