I come from a small, beautiful island called Puerto Rico. The term “developer evangelist” is unheard of in my hometown. The only references I had about it were a blog post and what I could figure out from the livestream of hackathons such as PennApps and hackNY. All I knew was the title seemed a bit too religious for technology.

Though I didn’t know about evangelism, I did know some about hackathons. There weren’t any in Puerto Rico, so I organized the first one. I met former SendGrid evangelist Swift when he came over to that event and I got a somewhat clearer picture of his job. One thing he said has stuck with me:

“I get paid to help anyone with SendGrid and everything else too.”

How awesome is that?

Fast forward a few months, a few more hackathons started to pop in the scene in Puerto Rico. I obviously reached out to SendGrid for help, but at the time they couldn’t send an evangelist. This is the point where the magic happened. I was told I could act as the representative for them in two events. And I did. And I loved it. I demoed, helped people out and put smiles on people’s faces.

Time passed and I became a hackNY fellow. During the program, SendGrid evangelist Kunal reached out to me to grab lunch. He also said something that stuck with me:
“How would you like to go the same hackathons you are going to hit, but do it as a representative of SendGrid?”

My reaction:

I said “yes.” And from there it was another hackathon every weekend. I had my 10–6 job throughout the week and after I would grab my backpack and go somewhere to help people out. It suddenly became clear to me, I love doing this thing I was doing.

So, the transition to full-time developer evangelist was quite obvious. Now here I am, attending hackathons I probably would go to anyway. And I get paid to help anyone with SendGrid and everything else, too.

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