As an intern you’re at the bottom of the totem pole. It just comes with the title. Most people probably don’t know who you are or care to get to know you. You have to run for coffee, pick up dry cleaning, take the boss’s dog for a walk, and fight to find valuable projects to observe, let alone contribute to. That’s how a typical internship program runs, right? Not here at SendGrid.

I started as the Marketing intern at the beginning of March and all I can say about my experience here is one word: wow. I have felt valued since day one. Universal needs are to feel accepted and appreciated? SendGrid wastes no time in making you feel both.

So How Does it Work?

On my first day I sat down for the HR overview greeted by a welcome goodie bag filled with SendGrid swag: notebook, water bottle, mouse pad, pens, possibly the softest SendGrid t-shirt known to man, and a cozy SendGrid zip up hoodie. Then came a parking pass for Pearl St. and card for free Chipotle. Let me say that again, FREE CHIPOTLE!! As a poor college student, that felt like unwrapping a golden ticket. I was baffled by the fact this company, who I haven’t done a single thing for yet, was already making/had already made some pretty big investments in me. But that’s how SendGrid works.

It’s like you are subliminally being told,  “We value you. You’re worth all of this and we know you’re capable of great things. Now go be exceptional in every way you can.” Being treated so well makes the employees want to treat SendGrid the same in return. Nobody is solely out for himself or herself.

Everyday when you come in to work and gaze across the sea of SendGrid blue hoodies and t-shirts it’s clear employees are proud to be part of the SendGrid team. It’s evident this is not your typical workplace.

Looking Ahead

I strongly remember sitting at a Friday company lunch, towards the beginning of my internship, when our CFO Chad leaned over and remarked, “You know a lot of other companies aren’t like this.” I agreed immediately and then it sank in. A lot of other companies aren’t like this one. And it wasn’t even all the employee perks I was thinking of (which don’t get me wrong are AWESOME), but rather the quality of people I was surrounded with everyday.

I am ecstatic to share that I was given the opportunity to stay on at SendGrid as the Content Marketing Coordinator. My new title comes with a myriad of responsibilities, but mainly you’ll be seeing my work on our social media channels and occasionally the blog- so please don’t be a stranger! I love conversations/feedback/jokes/great book suggestions so if you are up to sharing any/all of those contact me at And (sorry, shameless plug) don’t forget to follow us on….



Twitter: @SendGrid

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Kate Schmeisser
When Kate isn't trying to teach herself the ukelele, make it through the mountain of books on her nightstand, or figure out if they are actually being serious about suggested serving sizes on ice cream, she is the Creative Content Manager.