SendGrid makes it really easy for programmers to make applications that send email. In fact, we’ve made it so easy that we send over eight billion emails a month!

Developer evangelism is a rapidly growing and emerging trend amongst tech companies. I regularly meet people in startup land, who have not heard the term. Needless to say, introducing it to my parents after telling them about SendGrid was a process.

Wait, so what’s this SendGrid company having you do anyway?

Well, It’s basically a dream job. I’m going to go around spreading the good word as an evangelist!

Nick, religion is not a topic for polite company.

Dad, I’m not evangelizing any religion, I’m evangelizing SendGrid. I get to tell people how great SendGrid is, and help them use it.

So you’re in sales?

No mom, evangelism is very different than sales. Really, it’s just helping developers, however I can, whether that involves SendGrid or not. Mostly, my role is just building the developer community.

Well, how do you to build the developer community?

There are a bunch’a things I do to build the community. I go to lots of events and meet developers there, and even help to organize a few. I also talk with them online through a variety of websites, like StackOverflow and Twitter. There’s coding thrown in, too, like making sample applications and developing our client libraries and documentation. It’s a lot of the stuff I do for fun, but for work.

So where will you be doing all this?

Well, San Francisco about half the time and throughout the the US and the world, the rest. SendGrid covers events all over, we have a calendar on our website that should give you some idea.

It sounds like a lot of fun, are you sure they’re going to pay you for this?

Well, I sure hope so. Despite being an incredible job, it’s a ton of work, too. In fact, I better go write a couple blog posts now. Maybe I’ll base one on this discussion…

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