Disclaimer: This is not legal advice.

An equally important notion of being aware of what a law applies to, is knowing what it doesn’t apply to! We were lucky enough to host legal expert Shaun Brown from Nnovation LLP for our webcast CASL Compliance 101 to discuss a range of topics involving Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.

For a thorough download from Shaun, check out our webcast byte below (just under 6 min) or for just a quick list of complete and partial exclusions scroll down!


Complete CASL Exclusions

  1. Personal/family relationship
  2. Inquiry or application
  3. Within organizations
  4. Between organizations with a relationship
  5. In response to inquiry or request
  6. To satisfy legal obligation
  7. To provide notice of legal rights
  8. Certain messaging platforms and accounts
  9. To foreign states with anti-spam legislation
  10. Fundraising by charities/political parties/candidates

Partial CASL Exclusions

There’s no consent required for a commercial electronic message (CEM) that solely:

  1. Provides a quote or estimate
  2. Facilitates, completes, or confirms a commercial transaction previously agreed upon
  3. Provides information pertaining to warranty, recall, safety or security about a product purchased or used by the recipient
  4. Pertains to ongoing use–purchase of subscription, membership, account, loan, or similar ongoing relationship
  5. Provides information about an employment relationship or related benefit plan
  6. Delivers goods or services, including product updates or upgrades

***Identification and unsubscribe requirements still apply.

If you liked the byte and want the full course, check out the full webcast CASL Compliance 101.  

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