Learn the ABCs of ISPs in Our Webcast – Next Tuesday!

ABCs of ISPs

As email continues to evolve, it’s important to follow the best practices that will help your email reach the inbox. At SendGrid, we communicate with ISPs to help us stay on top of issues that affect our clients’ deliverability. In our webcast, The ABCs of ISPs, you’ll learn how to get you email delivered to major internet service providers (ISPs) like … Read more ›

Can’t Stay Out of the Spam Folder?


There is nothing more frustrating than being accused of something you’re not. So if you’re not sending spam, but keep ending up in the spam folder, we hear your pain and want to help! Even the smartest, best-intentioned senders can get caught in a dreadful spam trap or forget to whitelabel, so don’t beat yourself up. It happens. The good … Read more ›

Announcing the Getting Started Webcast Series

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Tools on laptop

We’re pumped to announce our new webcast series Getting Started With SendGrid: From Signup to Your First Send! Starting this next Wednesday, we will be hosting a bi-weekly “quickstart” webcast. Whether you’re thinking of signing up, or just need a little guidance on next steps to take, this webcast is for you! Setting up your transactional email campaign and hitting … Read more ›

Delivering Beers Hand Over Wrist!

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Since May 2013, we’ve partnered with our friends at Ignite in Newcastle, England, to run an event for startups, developers, tech watchers, entrepreneurs, and investors every month called Startup Beers. Recently, the Ignite team partnered with UKTI to run an accelerator programme in the newly opened Campus North. The 3-month-long Sirius programme was open to anyone who had gained their … Read more ›

Email Deliverability 101: Best Practices to Master the Inbox

Getting Started

Twenty-two percent of email never makes it to the inbox. That’s a pretty staggering statistic considering how often we use email everyday. Imagine a messaging conversation but one fourth of the words are removed or every fourth message isn’t delivered… It would make communicating beyond frustrating right? We feel your pain, but the good news is — you can do something … Read more ›

SendGrid Goes to Gophercon

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When co-founder and CTO Tim Jenkins announced we have adopted Go as our primary development language, I was super excited. I had already signed up to attend the first-ever Golang conference and had created a Go library for SendGrid. It turns out I wasn’t the only one in the company looking forward to using the language. The list of people … Read more ›

SendGrid Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple

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Welcome NYC

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” –Tom Wolfe Last Tuesday, my colleagues and I had the pleasure of bringing the first leg of our SendGrid Delivered 2014 tour to New York City. Escaping looming thunder clouds and intermittent downpours, we kickstarted our 4 hour email boot camp … Read more ›