Recently, we released a new version of our Event Webhook. In this new version, we have made significant back-end improvements to increase the speed and stability of this webhook.

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Unbatched Events

We would like to announce a change to this new version of the Event Webhook—SendGrid will continue to post data to customers’ applications with one significant change—we will no longer be accepting unbatched events.

Adding this feature will increase the efficiency and stability of the Event Webhook. In the past, we have spent significant time recovering unbatched events that are lost while moving through the mail pipeline. This is not true of batched events as they are far more stable. As a result, we are asking developers to make this small change in order to increase performance and deliverability of their mail pipeline.

Customers who currently use batched events will experience no difference in the performance and effectiveness of the Event Webhook. However, those utilizing unbatched events will be asked to migrate to a batched format by May 1st 2014.

If you are currently using an unbatched event format, expect to receive several notifications asking you to migrate. In an effort to maintain transparency around this change please see below for our full migration schedule.

Migration Schedule

Feb 4, 2014:

An email will be sent to developers warning them of the impending inability to switch to older versions.

March 18 2014:

A second email will be sent to developers notifying them of the pending change.

April 28, 2014:

A final warning of the pending deprecation will be emailed to developers who are on the old versions.

May 1, 2014

Developers will be notified via email and migrated to the new version.

Please check the documentation for all details on how to migrate:

To test your integration please visit:

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