Controlling your sending reputation and deliverability just got way easier and more powerful with SendGrid’s improved whitelabeling features.

Why whitelabel your account?

Whitelabeling protects your brand, helps your email reputation, and can improve deliverability. When you whitelabel at SendGrid it proves to the world that SendGrid has your permission to send emails on your behalf. Our whitelabeling features have evolved and are now comprised of three primary components: IP whitelabeling, domain whitelabeling, and email whitelabeling.

Domain Whitelabel

This type of whitelabel empowers ISPs and mailbox providers with the ability to verify the identity of the email sender back to the domain that you control via custom SPF and DKIM records. Why is this important? Your reputation in the email ecosystem depends upon it!

First, by generating custom DKIM and custom SPF records, SendGrid is providing an additional layer of security to your email. These records that are generated just for you ensure that no other senders can spoof your sending domain.

Second, if unverified, some ISPs may treat your mail differently than mail that is verified. Without domain whitelabeling, ISPs may display your messages as “on behalf of” or “via” the address in the sender header, a practice employed as an anti-phishing measure. Authenticating your outbound mail at the domain level helps provide confidence to your recipients that the mail they’re receiving is coming from you or your business.

Email Links Whitelabel

If you have links or clickable images in your messages and you are using our click tracking, you should consider email link whitelabeling.

This feature essentially masks the SendGrid domain with your domain on these links. Establishing the CNAME record that lives behind this process gives SendGrid the authority to redirect recipients during this process and is critical for spam filters and recipient servers that look at the links (and root domain) within emails to determine whether the email should be delivered and trusted.

Using our click tracking and email link whitelabeling gives you control over metrics, gives SendGrid authorization to handle the redirect, and ensures your mail is properly authenticated. They’re your links, your root domain, and your reputation. All good things.

IP Addresses Whitelabel

The number one factor in determining your deliverability health is IP reputation. The most powerful thing you can do to protect your deliverability is to use a dedicated IP address and follow email marketing best practices. A dedicated IP address is important because it puts you in sole control of your reputation. With shared IPs, you are susceptible to the possible bad sending practices of those also using that IP. You eliminate that worry and secure your reputation by whitelabeling and sending from your own IP. At SendGrid, dedicated IP addresses are available as part of our Pro and Premier plans.

With a dedicated IP, you also have the ability to whitelabel your IP. Why is IP whitelabeling important? It provides assurance to ISPs via reverse DNS that your dedicated IP address is authorized to send mail on behalf of your domain. This is a good thing and builds trust that contributes to improving your sending reputation, resulting in more mail in the inbox.

Introducing Automated Security

We’ve recently introduced an additional layer of security into our whitelabel service. When you set up your whitelabels with SendGrid, you’ll see an “Automated Security” checkbox. When turned on, this allows SendGrid to manage your DKIM key and SPF record so that any time you add an IP we will auto-update your SPF to include the new IP address. This is on by default and means that a user’s email is more secure than ever before because we create custom SPF and DKIM records that we manage and hand to the ESP. In short, this makes it so that your domain cannot be spoofed.

To truly maximize the whitelabeling power and take control of your sending reputation, you will want to utilize all of these whitelabel features. Need more information? Check out our documentation or contact our expert Customer Support team.

Shawn is a Support veteran who now leads SendGrid's Technical Support team. His focus is on building a team of smart folks who love their job, and deliver crazy fast helpful answers to customers at scale.