What’s the value of your email program? How much more money could you make if you got more emails delivered to the inbox? As email marketers, these are important metrics to know, yet few have the tools to actually quantify what their email is worth…until now.

We’ve developed a new online Email ROI Calculator that allows senders to determine what even a small improvement in your inbox rate is worth to your email program.

How it works

To calculate your email ROI on 1% improved email deliverability, simply plug in your:

  • Industry
  • Monthly send volume
  • Current inbox placement rate
  • Unique open and click rates
  • Total monthly revenue from email

Our free calculator will then display how many more monthly opens, clicks, and–most importantly–dollars you could reclaim by achieving just 1% more emails to the inbox each month. And that’s just 1%–there’s  likely much more opportunity for improvement!

I think you’ll be surprised to see the impact that even just a 1% improvement in inbox placement rate could have on your email program.

There’s a big difference between getting your emails delivered and getting them delivered to the inbox. Not sure what your current inbox placement rate is? We have the tools and data to help you understand where your emails are being delivered–the inbox or spam folder–and the expertise to help you get more emails in the inbox.

Our team at SendGrid can help you understand the opportunity and to optimize your email program so you see even more significant improvements to your inbox placement rate, meaning more dollars in your pocket and you looking like an email hero.

Joanna Roberts has a unique role at SendGrid where she is on the Product Marketing team, but is focused on sales enablement. Her #1 goal is to ensure SendGrid’s sales and service teams have the resources they need to demonstrate to customers and soon-to-be-customers how awesome SendGrid is and how we can help them achieve their email goals. Outside of work, Joanna loves to hike with her husband and dog, drink craft beer, and experiment with new vegetarian recipes.