We all spend a lot of our lives in our email clients. I know it’s the nervous system of my life. Everything flows through email, which makes it a good choice for improving your productivity. Below you’ll find a handful of apps and hacks that use email to help you remember people, finish projects, achieve goals and otherwise make yourself productive.

Remember Names and Influence People

“When you remember a person’s name you pay them a subtle compliment,” said Developer Evangelist Scott Motte. So he created an app that helps him remember names to pay more of these compliments.

Scott sends himself a daily email quiz with a face and a name. Cleverly, the name is passed along as quoted text, so Scott tries to guess the name from the face before checking his answer.

He followed up with another tutorial that adds contacts to the quiz by using SendGrid’s Incoming Parse Webhook.

Make Your Goals a Reality

The best way to achieve your goals is to write them down. The second-best way is to then make sure you see them often. Why yes, there is a SendGrid app for that. Email your goals daily with open source code written by Developer Evangelist Nick Quinlan.

If your goal is to code everyday, there’s a specific app to receive a GitHub streak reminder.

Share What You’ve Done

SendGrid customer iDoneThis helps its users track their progress. Whether on personal goals or as part of a team, iDoneThis users receive a daily email asking what they did. With a simple reply, you can list the things you did today. With team accounts, those replies can be aggregated across a team and shared with managers or amongst each other.

Have Someone Else Do Something

Fancy Hands is a task-based virtual assistant service. Subscribers can add tasks, such as making a phone call or performing some data entry, via email, web or mobile app. As the assistant makes progress, Fancy Hands emails updates. If you need to ask a question or add a clarification, you can simply reply to the email. Fancy Hands uses SendGrid to both send and receive email, savings its subscribers lots of time.

Go Business Card-less

When Developer Evangelist Martyn Davies ran out of business cards, he did what any sensible developer would do. He wrote an app, of course.

Oh Cardless sends a photo of your business card when you find yourself without one… or if you don’t have or want one.

Remember to Follow Up

Finally, here’s a lo-fi way one customer bring emails back in your inbox in the future. Nudgemail can be added as a BCC or just emailed directly. Include when you want to hear back before the at-sign: for example, 2days or feb14.

If you’re interested in why they chose SendGrid, check out our Nudgemail case study.

These apps and services can make you more productive right in the place where you do so much of your work: email. Got any other tips or tricks to share?

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