Since we just missed Valentine’s day, it only seems appropriate to throw some love in the direction of one of my favorite SendGrid customers– Creative Market! Creative Market, recently acquired by Autodesk, is an awesome online marketplace for designers to offer their creative work for sale. I’ll go into more detail a little later, but before I get too lovey let’s have a quick reality check about email marketing.

Email Marketing Quick Tips

It happens all too often — someone opts-in to receive your email and your next step is to start sending per your agenda. But just firing off emails asking that person to do something without building a trusting, symbiotic relationship first can be a grave email marketing mistake.

When I receive a barrage of emails from a new company that consistently asks me to take their surveys, check out their new product, follow them on Twitter, etc., it makes me stop and question why I even gave them my information in the first place. I was just nice enough to let you in my inbox and all you want to do is take, take, take? Typically, this scenario ends in an unsubscribe.

Here at SendGrid we consistently encourage our customers to make sure they’re providing valuable content in their emails. It’s a key way to ensure high engagement rates (clicks and opens) and low spam complaints/unsubscribes (which paves the road to great deliverability)!

Putting These Tips into Action

For me, Creative Market has the “give before you take” approach to their email strategy down to a T. Specifically, their “Free This Week” email that’s delivered to my inbox every Monday. By offering a piece of their work for free, designers get showcased on an email newsletter sent to all of Creative Market’s subscribers and Creative Market gets to offer their subscribers some kickass material for the sweet price of free-ninety-nine.

Everyone walks away from the deal with something great:

Designer: Awareness

Me: Free fonts and other design goodies

Creative Market: Opens and clicks galore, not to mention my undying love for them

Think about your company or industry and ask about what you could provide your subscribers to make sure they keep coming back to your emails for more. And if you’re stuck, then think about your personal inbox — what email do you open every single time, without fail?

If you can’t share or give away a product, then how about sharing knowledge? These days everyone jumps on quick “10 tips to…” articles. What do you know that your subscribers don’t, but would benefit from reading? Boom. There’s your valuable content.

And shameless plug, if you aren’t receiving Creative Market’s emails you’re just plain missing out. Give them a gander here!

Kate Schmeisser
When Kate isn't trying to teach herself the ukelele, make it through the mountain of books on her nightstand, or figure out if they are actually being serious about suggested serving sizes on ice cream, she is the Creative Content Manager.