In a perfect email relationship, both the sender and recipient are on the same page about what kind of email will be sent and how often because proper expectations were set at the point of sign up. Unfortunately, poor expectation setting usually means that your recipients are taken by surprise and unexpected messages are a leading cause of spam complaints (yikes!). Senders with good intentions can easily find themselves in this ugly situation, but we’ve got your back!

From our webcast Great Expectations: Setting Your Email Marketing Up For Success our email deliverability consultant, Luke Martinez, shared some tips on what to do if you haven’t set the right email expectations with your recipients. You can either watch the 3 min 30 sec video below or scroll down to browse his 3 main tips (or do both!):

 3 Tips to Remedy Poor Expectation Setting

#1. Try a Re-engagement Campaign – A re-engagement campaign is a perfect solution to get the wrong recipients who are unengaged off your list. It may be hard to let those people go, but just remember sending email to people who never opted-in to your mail is a quick way to tank your deliverability and sending reputation. By segmenting out your unengaged users and sending them a message that tells them if they don’t opt-in again they’ll be taken off your list, you’re being proactive about keeping your list full of people who want your mail!

#2. Implement a Sunset Policy – A sunset policy states that after a recipient hasn’t engaged (no opens, clicks, etc.) within a certain amount of time, you will remove them from your sending list. The specific amount of time you set can range from a few weeks to a few months–it ultimately depends on your industry and email program. If you’re unsure how to set your sunset policy, check out a step-by-step post from our compliance team about it here.

#3. Lower Your Sending Frequency – And finally, if you’re not quite ready to remove people from your list, give less engaged users a break from your brand by lowering your sending frequency. Give your recipients a little breathing room and if you don’t see an uptick in engagement after you come back with your normal sending cadence, it’s probably time to either give them a last chance to opt-in again with a re-engagement campaign or sunset them off your list.

Another big piece to remedying poor expectation setting is by having an accessible, easy to use preference center. What better way to know exactly how often your recipients want to be contacted with different content than to just let them set it themselves? To find out more about the importance of your preference center check out our blog post.

Kate Schmeisser
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