SendGrid is excited to announce that we are expanding our partnership with Magento, by joining Magento’s Xcelerate Program as a Technology Partner! Magento has continued to drive innovation for businesses as a leading ecommerce platform by providing customers tools to enhance the customer experience online.

The relationship of email and ecommerce is one that dates back to the beginning of online shopping. Creating positive purchasing experiences relies on email to deliver necessary communications such as receipts and account notifications. While the need for email has not waivered over the past several decades, the way developers integrate email into these experiences has.

How ecommerce websites used to work

Previously, companies had to build their own email solutions, which was extremely expensive and required additional resources. This process changed with the creation of email service providers and their ability to streamline the integration with a software solution, thus allowing companies to focus their resources elsewhere.

SendGrid revolutionized the integration and management of email for ecommerce experiences by providing companies with a simple API integration. We have continued to optimize the integration of email by creating a plugin for Magento’s ecommerce customers and launching our Agency Program.

Now, Magento customers can integrate and start sending essential email notifications within minutes via the M1 and M2 Marketplaces! Joining the Magento Technology Partner program will enable us to continue to improve this experience for ecommerce customers.

“Our ecommerce platform generates millions of transactional emails per month. Our clients’ customers are able to know when their orders are being shipped or if they need to reset their passwords to our clients’ online store…email is a central part of interacting with our ecommerce platform,” says Mathieu Martin, Cloud Infrastructure Architect, Lightspeed. Read Lightspeed’s case study with SendGrid. 


Our goal is to continue to streamline the integration of email for ecommerce sites so that customers and agencies can focus on more important things, like creating incredible customer experiences. Customers and agencies that integrate SendGrid through Magento can be assured they have a powerful backbone to build robust customer experiences.

For more on how ecommerce email best practices, check out, SendGrid’s Essential Guide to Ecommerce.

Phil Borden
Phil manages partner marketing efforts for SendGrid. He is focused on building relationships and integrations with best-of-breed technology partners to enable our customers to enhance their use of the SendGrid platform. Outside of work, you can find Phil spending time in the mountains, traveling, or eating at one of Denver's great restaurants.