More than 25,000 different ecommerce companies leverage SendGrid to help them send and deliver business-critical email. Whether they’re sending transactional or marketing messages, SendGrid is the ideal email partner that helps customers like eBay, Uber, and retain customers and drive revenue.

To help ecommerce companies improve their email programs, and increase the number of messages they get delivered to the inbox, we’re happy to announce the publication of a brand new resource: The Essential Guide to Email for Ecommerce.

This guide was created specifically for companies within the ecommerce industry that are sending email (hopefully, that means every company in the industry!). The guide includes sections about:

  • Industry Averages – See how your email engagement metrics compare to the averages in your industry.
  • SendGrid Sender Averages – With thousands of ecommerce senders using SendGrid, you can see how much volume the average sender is sending so you can plan accordingly.
  • Delivery Best Practices – Tailored specifically for ecommerce senders, our tips will help make your emails more likely to end up in the right place: the inbox.
  • Changes to be Considered – Ecommerce companies have been relying on email for a long time now. As a result, there are a lot of outdated and incorrect practices that you may still be using. These changes will help you tailor your email program for today’s recipients.
  • Sender Spotlights – We’ve included a few companies to highlight within the guide that we think are leveraging SendGrid particularly well to keep their businesses successful and their customers engaged.

SendGrid is committed to helping every business send and deliver their email, and The Essential Guide to Email for Ecommerce is just one of a few different industry-specific guides. Each quarter, we’ll be highlighting a different industry and will publish a new guide to help those senders improve their email programs.

Download The Essential Guide to Email for Ecommerce today to learn more about senders within your industry, and how you can make changes to your email.

Warren is the Sr. Content Marketing Manager at SendGrid, specializing in email and content best practices, he develops many of the new guides you see SendGrid release as well as other pieces of content, including blogs, videos, case studies, and emails.