Sending large volumes of transactional and marketing email that is not only engaging, but that also reaches the inbox is hard. Many things can go wrong based on the complex email ecosystem puzzle. (Here is a handy infographic that highlights the complexity of the email ecosystem).

To better address our customers’ unique sending needs, today we are proud to announce our new SendGrid Expert Service offerings to help our customers optimize their email sending practices and drive their business. As email volumes grow and as businesses mature, we realize that every customer’s email strategy is unique.

What’s included in Expert Services?

Our new SendGrid Expert Services offerings are value-added professional services that include one-time onboarding and email delivery consulting services, as well as a host of new ongoing expert managed services that provide dedicated and direct access to our Expert Technical Support, Customer Success, and Email Delivery Service Team members.

SendGrid’s team of in-house email experts will provide individual consultation and sophisticated monitoring tools to help manage a customer’s email sending practices with:

  • Customized email optimization plans designed to improve email deliverability and increase the ROI of their email programs
  • CAN-SPAM compliance
  • SPF/DKIM/DMARC records
  • IP/domain whitelabeling, subject lines, email message content, ISP policies, metric analysis

For customers who select an Expert Managed Service package, the services team will also help customers monitor and track email KPIs and diagnose any email delivery issue before it becomes a problem.

“Email has such a huge return on investment that it’s a no-brainer to leverage the expertise of SendGrid to get better and better results,”  said Celeste Grupman, CEO of Happy Grasshopper. “If you administer any email marketing program, you’ve probably been waiting for an opportunity to pay for this one-on-one insight for years. I highly recommend it!“

Who can sign up for Expert Services?

SendGrid Expert Services are available to new and existing SendGrid customers who require one-time or ongoing assistance with their email strategy. Services are cost effective and are typically delivered remotely from a SendGrid office (on-site consultations are also available).

All Expert Service offerings are net new. Service levels for customers on existing plans will not change.

How we got here

Since our founding over seven years ago, SendGrid has become the leader in enabling our customers to send email with confidence. That is why companies like Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, and many others trust us to deliver their mail–and provide expertise and advice along the way.

We recognize the challenges around sending quality email at scale and are consistently speaking with our customers better understand their businesses and to provide advice on how to improve their sending practices. This is why we have entire teams focused on customer success, email compliance, email delivery, and technical support.

Many companies attempt to tackle their email challenges and while some are successful, success often comes after implementation struggles, email deliverability challenges, and significant time spent with ESP technical support teams.

“Our Expert Services are designed to complement the SendGrid platform and help customers maximize the business value of their email programs,” said Leandra Fishman, SVP of Sales and Customers Success for SendGrid. “A more effective email program can empower customers to increase engagement, decrease program costs, and drive more revenue from their campaigns.”

Let us help you make sense of the email ecosystem puzzle, improve your email deliverability, and advance your business. For more information on SendGrid’s new Expert Services offerings, please visit our Expert Services page or contact your sales or customer success representative.

Jesse McCabe has over 13 years experience working with emerging internet, security, and email technologies. As the Director of Product Marketing at SendGrid, Jesse is responsible for defining, positioning, and driving market adoption of SendGrid’s industry leading email deliverability products. Prior to joining SendGrid, Jesse was Director of Product Marketing at Return Path where he led the go-to-market effort for Return Path’s suite of anti-phishing and email authentication solutions. Jesse has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder and an MBA from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business.