With only three days ’til  Halloween, it’s time for our next installment of our Email Deliverability Spooks and Scares series. Last week, we highlighted the first two of our “7 Deadly Email Sins”–Sloth and Wrath. Following in their eerie footsteps are the sins of Gluttony, Greed, and Lust.

See how these sins can affect your email deliverability stats and how you can avoid them:

GLUTTONY: Forgive me Father, for I have Spammed!

Spam is the four-letter word of the email industry. It’s out there to both trap and trick you.

  • ISPs set up spam traps to specifically lure spammers. Avoid these traps by using double and confirmed opt-ins, maintaining good list hygiene, and by not purchasing lists. (What are spam traps? Check out our blog post on the subject for all the details.)
  • Don’t be showy and act like a spammer—this means no flashy subject lines, spelling errors, or image heavy emails!
  • Take advantage of spam reporting—less engaged users are more likely to report your mail as spam. To prevent this, remove users from your list if they haven’t clicked one of your emails in the last three months.

GREED: Frequency

We know it’s exciting to send email to your subscribers, but don’t get greedy and overwhelm them with too much email too soon.

  • Bad sending cadences make the ISPs suspicious, so remain consistent.
  • Don’t automatically opt in your subscribers to your most frequent email setting. Instead, set up a preference center so your users can choose how much email they receive from you.

LUST: Engagement

Don’t lust after those who don’t want your mail, stay faithful to those who’ve opted in. Closely monitor your subscribers’ engagement and learn from their behavior.

  • Make adjustments in your content, frequency, and sending times if you’re not seeing the activity that you want.
  • Encourage engagement by using a real “reply to” address instead of a “do-not-reply.”
  • Employ re-opt-in campaigns for non-responders to re-affirm your relationship.

Not purchasing lists, practicing good list hygiene, and monitoring your sending cadence and your subscribers’ engagement will keep you on the right side of the highway to email hell. Want more tips? Download our free Highway to Hell guide so you can ensure that your email program is healthy this Halloween.

Jillian Wohlfarth
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