If you’re in sales and marketing, you know that new leads and signups are your gold coins. They’re the currency for your growing business.

Sure a new signup could be nothing — or a new signup could be your next big customer, key partner, or future investor. But how do you know?

Traditionally, you wouldn’t — unless you took the time to dig through your SendGrid account to see every new signup, look them up on LinkedIn, Twitter, research their company, etc.

But it’s 2016 and there has to be a better way, right? Yup.

Introducing Drift Daily

Today, SendGrid and Drift have teamed up to give you more information about your new email contacts. Now, any time you get new contacts in your account, you’ll be able to see names, faces, social profiles, the companies they work at, and more.

Drift Daily is a free tool that gives you alerts about your new SendGrid signups in real-time, right inside of the apps that you use the most: email and Slack.

With Drift Daily and SendGrid, you can:

  1. Set up a Slack channel to see new leads in real-time. If you’re like most startups, there’s a good chance that your business runs on Slack. It’s the app that is always open on your desktop or mobile device. With Drift Daily, you can set up a dedicated channel to get alerts when new users signup for your service.
  2. Instantly reach out to new leads and start a conversation. Most companies take 46 hours and 53 minutes to respond to a new lead. Yikes. In most cases, you can’t afford to wait two days to respond to a new lead — especially when responding to new leads within an hour generates 7x the conversations. Whether it’s a key influencer or not, the best time to reach out to new a lead is right now.
  3. See social profiles for each new signup and connect instantly. Seeing a new email address is great, but an email address doesn’t usually give you a good sense of who they actually are. Social profiles help turn “leads” into people, and with Drift Daily, you can connect with your new leads with one click right from email or Slack. And in addition to seeing social profiles, Drift Daily will also show you who else you already know at a company:



Head over to the Drift Daily site to grab your account (it’s free!) and then once you log in, you’ll be able to hook up your SendGrid account and get going.