We’re happy to announce a brand new case study of a great SendGrid customer: DonorsChoose.org.

DonorsChoose.org pioneered crowd funding for charity in April 2000. Their online charity enables people to donate directly to teachers and students in need. Through DonorsChoose.org, teachers can ask for funding for classroom projects, people can donate directly to those projects, and students in need can be better educated.

Email is one of the key ways DonorsChoose,org communicates with citizen donors and donation recipients alike. Over the last year, SendGrid’s email program has helped the online charity raise more than $10 million for classrooms around the country.

So far, DonorsChoose.org has raised almost $250 million in donations for over 460,000 projects to help students and classrooms across the country.

Making Email a Priority

In 2012, DonorsChoose.org was growing and needed to change their datacenters, and as a result, the IPs that they sent email from. They realized that as their philanthropic success grew, so did their email volume. Were they ready to manage their transactional email in-house, or was it time to find a group of experts to handle it for them?

Ultimately, DonorsChoose.org distilled their email needs into five must-haves:

  1. Decouple production servers from transactional email servers
  2. Provide metrics and analytics to track deliverability and response rates
  3. Provide key transactional email functions like tracking clicks, opens, and bounces
  4. Easily integrate with existing platform
  5. Provide hands-on support and transactional email advice

Choosing The Right Service

DonorsChoose.org decided to evaluate six different transactional email service providers. SendGrid was the only email platform that was able to meet all five of their criteria.

Since choosing to use SendGrid, DonorsChoose.org has grown their email database to 1.4million opted-in users. By experimenting with content, they’ve gone from raising $15,000 to more than $150,000 in donations each month. Finally, using the tracking capabilities SendGrid provides, DonorsChoose.org can accurately attribute more than $10 million in donation directly to their transactional email program.

You can read the full Donors Choose case study to learn more about the pain points SendGrid has solved, the transactional email DonorsChoose.org is sending, and what they have to say about SendGrid’s service. Read the case study here. 

Warren Duff
Warren is the Sr. Content Marketing Manager at SendGrid, specializing in email and content best practices, he develops many of the new guides you see SendGrid release as well as other pieces of content, including blogs, videos, case studies, and emails.