KeyboardGlowingOur recent webcast shared free API tips and tools from SendGrid’s Adam DuVander and’s Sean White. From photos to maps to music and, yes, a little email, there’s a lot out there for developers to use- all for the sweet price of free ninety nine! You can access the recording of the webcast below to see all the tips, as well as a demonstration of load testing your applications. Then read on for links to all the API mentions and answers to questions we received about using different APIs and– the latest product out of SendGrid Labs.

To access the recording click here –> The Developer’s Toolbox: Free APIs Every Developer Needs to Know About

 API Rundown

Here’s the comprehensive list of APIs mentioned in the webcast. There’s a developer site and a documentation page listed for those that have both.  Enjoy!

[Intelligent Calculations]

Full Contact

Alchemy API


Wolfram Alpha







Google Maps









[Developer Tools]



Internet Chuck Norris Database

[Secret Google APIs]


Stocks, Movies, News


Webcast Chat Questions

Should we use FB or Twitter APIs directly? It depends on what you want to do with it. If all you want to do is authenticate a user, then it makes more sense to use another service, but if it’s more deeply integrated, then use the APIs directly.

How do you handle ajax based sites? Can you load the page + all the ajax calls? Today works specifically with URLs. It doesn’t parse responses and take further action based on the content. To simulate page loads you can list each URL in your load test. This list would include all of your AJAX requests.

Can the loader be scheduled and email when the response drops below a set threshold? Loader can be configured to send an email when a test is finished but this action isn’t based on any threshold value. You could leverage the and SendGrid API’s to accomplish this however.

I noticed the free version of restricts things like max users, duration, etc. Are you also limited to how often you can run these tests? No, there is no limit to the number of times a test can be run.

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