’Tis the season to remember. When we all reminisce about the year gone by, celebrate the wins, and appreciate and (most importantly) learn from the losses. We experienced a bit of everything in 2013. In case you missed any of the fun, here’s a recap.

People First

Developer Relations at SendGrid was born in April 2011, when I delivered a proposal to our executive team and received their blessing to build a team. We ended 2011 with three team members. In 2012, we added three more and doubled in size. We opened 2013 with a team of six and will close the year with eleven amazing people (oh so close to another year of doubling!). Team members are scattered across the globe, with home bases in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Denver, NYC, London, and Sao Paulo – that’s 7 cities, 3 countries, and 3 continents!

While we clearly increased the depth of our lineup, just as importantly we grew in breadth:

  • Adam joined as Director of Developer Communications – more & better content for developers.
  • Elmer transitioned from Developer Evangelist to Hacker in Residence – less traveling, more in-the-zone time.
  • Brandon, our first Devangelist, graduated into the role of Lead Evangelist – leadership and growth FTW.
  • I was given a real title and moved from “Community Guy” to “Director, Developer Relations” – all grow’d up.
  • With eight devangelists, our team’s skill set and capabilities reach far and wide throughout the coding universe.


In 2012, we thought we covered a lot of ground. Little did I know what we could do with 2x the human capacity. In 2013, we covered 280+ events, which took us to 80+ cities in 33 countries. We contributed to these events by playing the following roles: organizers, attendees, speakers, API partners, workshop instructors, mentors, exhibitors, sponsors, and more.

Even when we’re all at home, with Martyn and Robin in the UK, Heitor in Brazil, and the rest of the team spanning the states coast-to-coast, we now have a permanent global presence.


What’s in it for YOU?

Sure, it’s great to toot our own horn, but let’s keep our focus where focus is due: on the developer; on our community. We exist to make your lives better, and we’re ecstatic to know that we’ll be more equipped than ever in 2014. So, what awesomeness should you expect next year from this locked and loaded team of helpers?

This stuff:

  • Ambassadors – Our finest community members have stepped up and devoted themselves to help us empower developers around the world. Look for them on- and offline and say hi! They’re awesome people and excited to help you achieve.
  • Developer Portal – The developer’s section of our website launched earlier this year. ‘Twas a valiant effort, but alas not a success by our standards. We’ll release a new version in early 2014, with the goal of providing a valuable resource to our community members. We look forward to inviting you, collecting your feedback, and iterating to make it work for everyone.
  • Open Source – Some super special projects are underway, and we can’t wait to share them with the world. We plan to open source more than software in 2014; our aim: to make the global developer community a better place for all.
  • Mission: Education. – There’s a fresh wind drifting across the planet, and it carries the seeds that will grow into tomorrow’s brightest programmers. We will maintain our commitment to helping developers – old and new – to better themselves and provide the technical expertise demanded by the 21st century economy.
  • Join us – We’re currently looking for a Documentation Developer and another Developer Evangelist in Europe. I must say that we’ve assembled an amazing group of people so far. But we know there’s a lot more awesome out there in the world, and it comes in the form of more great people. We look forward to exploring these opportunities with you!

See you in 2014!

Suffice it to say, we’re honored for the chance to contribute our best to the most exciting communities in the world: those of the developers and startups that are powering innovation on Planet Earth. We promise to do everything in our power to create value through our efforts. If there’s anything we can do to help you specifically, let us know!

Director, Developer Relations at @SendGrid. Passionate about bringing people together around things they love. I tweet at @TimFalls.