The following is a guest post from Mary Perrin, a valued SendGrid customer, and the owner of is a premier provider of website solutions for Homeowners Associations and Property Management companies. It is a hosted neighborhood HOA website product that gives you and your neighbors the tools you need to effectively manage your neighborhood. 

Why We Chose SendGrid as Our Email Service Provider

As a hosted website solution provider for neighborhood and community organizations, email is an integral part of our business. Our customers require a reliable solution to manage the distribution of their neighborhood information. This includes email notifications for things like announcements, scheduled events, reminders, facility reservations, maintenance requests, voting, and newsletters. We weighed the costs and benefits of an in house solution against outside email service offerings from multiple providers. In the end, SendGrid made it an easy decision. They offer the right combination of options, price, and above all, support. We were extremely pleased with SendGrid’s responsiveness to our questions as we integrated their service into our solution.

Increased Reliability and Data Insight Led to Increased Customer Satisfaction

Our customers particularly appreciate the email service API integration available from SendGrid which allows us to report bounced emails back to them.  One community in particular was dealing with an inaccurate and outdated list of email addresses for their residents. Before we implemented SendGrid email services, the community leaders were left speculating as to why some residents reported not receiving email notifications for upcoming scheduled events.  Now with bounce back notifications, this community can easily identify invalid email addresses and correct the issues. The results are increased email service reliability and a happier customer!

Thank you to all of the great staff at SendGrid for all of their support. Keep up the great work!

A big thanks to Mary and ZavaSites for this guest post. We are thrilled that ZavaSites chose SendGrid as their cloud-based email solution. To learn more about how other businesses are utilizing SendGrid, read our Customer Success Stories.

Jillian Wohlfarth
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