Customer Success Story: Uptime Monitoring Service, Monitive, Easily Accesses Their Email Delivery Metrics & Improves Conversion Rates by 12%

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Monitive-logoWe’re not only building a strong business with SendGrid’s help, but also saving money and time to boot.”

–Lucian Daniliuc, Founder & CEO, Monitive

Monitive is an uptime monitoring service that periodically checks your sites from all around the world and instantly notifies you when they go down via SMS text, email, or Twitter DM. Most alerts are sent via email with Monitive sending approximately 60,000 emails per month. As a real-time monitoring service, these emails must be delivered to customer inboxes in a timely fashion.

When looking for a new email solution, Monitive’s number one requirement was that the service be reliable. Secondly, they needed their own monitoring service that would ensure high email deliverability rates and provide them with access to the data they needed to improve communications with their customers. Whereas their previous provider failed to provide timely inbox delivery, access to analytics or even reliable uptime, SendGrid delivered the opposite experience. Monitive was up and running within a few hours and had the support of the SendGrid team to help implement key best practices that would improve their reputation and their delivery. The result was a 12% increase in free trial conversions.

To read more about how Monitive benefitted from their switch to SendGrid, read the entire case study.

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