Customer Success Story: Turnkey Sports & Entertainment Brings the Ultimate Sponsorship Management Tool to Market Faster with SendGrid

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Turnkey Sports and Entertainment helps properties and brands better manage their partnerships through their pioneering new product, Turnkey Activator. Activator is a cloud-based web application that facilitates secure communication between sponsors and their partners so the can better manage their sponsorship deals and deliverables.  However, they needed to add a key feature to the product in order to bring it to market. They needed those secure email messages to be set via any email client without users having to login to Activator.

Their own in-house system couldn’t handle the complexity and dedicating development resources to build it would take months. So, Turnkey searched for an outsourced solution and found SenGrid. Using SendGrid’s Parse API, they were able to create a tight integration between their two systems and launch Activator within one month after integrating with SendGrid.

Read the whole case study here. 

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