Customer Success Story: Pinterest Shares Interests with SendGrid and Finds a Great Email Deliverability Partner

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Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. Pinterest has grown tremendously in the past year growing their user base by 50% month over month. As a result of their rapid growth, Pinterest’s small team of engineers was left with the task of managing the flow of millions of email through their systems, and the deliverability challenges that accompany high volume senders.

While their engineers were capable of tracking down these issues, their mandate was to strategically grow their operational systems – not manage the day to day flow of email. They needed a solution that could focus on deliverability while they continued to improve the value of their app. SendGrid provided them with a full service outsourced solution that not only provided the scalable infrastructure and the tools they needed to instantly monitor deliverability, but also with a dedicated Account Manager to proactively monitor and troubleshoot delivery failures before they happen or immediately thereafter.

Today, Pinterest’s engineering team relies on SendGrid’s expertise to monitor their delivery  with little involvement on their part. Read the entire case study to learn how Pinterest uses SendGrid and to see what Pinterest’s Operations Engineer, Ryan Park says about its value to his team.

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