Haulix provides online music promotion software for industry professionals and their media contacts. With Haulix, publicists can easily create branded web pages, manage press contacts, send email invitations and protect their musical assets with powerful watermarking technology.

Haulix caught on rapidly, serving customers from all over the world. Soon, Haulix was sending over 1,000,000 time sensitive emails per year. However, the mail server system supporting their email program couldn’t scale with their business nor was it properly equipped to handle the email deliverability issues that were suddenly plaguing them. Low delivery rates followed by customer complaints and a need to streamline developer resources prompted Haulix to seek out a more reliable and effective service.

Find out why Haulix CEO, Matt Brown selected SendGrid and has continues to rely on SendGrid to support their email program for over two years. Read the full case study here.

As Inbound Marketing Manager at SendGrid, Jill works to ensure we deliver marketing email that educates, inspires, and delights our friends and customers. Her passions include intelligent email design, developing her beer palette, and exploring the great state of Colorado.