Mirror is a social discovery platform that helps people create a mosaic of who they are—by showcasing their best qualities, interests and unique traits—in order to connect with others for dates, activities, and even jobs. When Mirror opened their doors a year ago, they already knew that email was one of the pillars that would drive the success of their platform. But as a start-up, they wanted an affordable solution that had the flexibility to scale as they grew over time. Moreover, it had to be able to support their unique process of verifying users and continuing the communication flow from sign-up to verification and on through to platform messaging, interactions, and user-to-user double-blind communications.

Based on past successes and their key requirements, Mirror decided to outsource their email deliverability to SendGrid. They quickly found that SendGrid’s APIs would provide the tools they needed to simplify their operations. Using the Parse API and Web API, SendGrid was not only able to integrate with their proprietary verification system, but also helped to streamline it. Additionally, they were able to reallocate key tasks (like newsletter deployment) to their design and marketing team, freeing up developers to focus on building and improving their product suite.

Today, Mirror sends approximately 300,000 emails per month and is on track to send millions of emails per month in the foreseeable future. They enjoy a high delivery rate of 95% and feel confident that they have a solution that will not only scale with their business, but help to improve it.

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Jillian Wohlfarth
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