Customer Success Story: Listia Trades Poor Email Delivery for Increased Engagement and Conversion

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Listia is an online auction site where you sell your unwanted things and bid other people’s stuff using credits instead of real money. Listia relies on email to communicate with their users and since bidding is a real time function, it’s imperative for bid notifications, reminders and friend requests to reach their customer’s inboxes in a timely and reliable manner. However, when membership rose sharply, the 30% increase in emails being sent caused blocks at Hotmail and Yahoo!

These blocks had a domino effect. Users didn’t receive important emails and filed complaints. This ultimately led to a lack of user engagement and a lack of trust in the brand. Attempts to fix their deliverability issues on their own proved extremely time intensive and weren’t always successful. They turned to SendGrid to provide the expertise and tools to help them quickly identify, solve and prevent their email deliverability issues.

After implementing the SendGrid platform and performing a few key steps, Listia improved their email delivery by 25%. With increased delivery came increased engagement and conversion among their users as trust and reliability in the brand was restored. Read the entire case study to learn which key steps Listia implemented to improve their deliverability and what Listia Co-Founder and CEO, Gee Chaung had to say about the SendGrid platform.

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