Customer Success Story: Extole “Likes” SendGrid’s Deliverablity Expertise and ISP Mediation Solutions

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extole_small_LogoExtole is the leading provider of social engagement applications that drive measurable results on and off Facebook for leading brands and agencies. Extole uses email to drive customers to the point of sale while generating positive social recommendations using their Refer-A-Friend solution. To support its business model, Extole built and managed its own in-house, proprietary email system, but as their business grew and demands increased, their system lacked key functionality to properly track and manage their email streams.

They required in house expertise to manage their reputation and perform ISP mediation. However, it was a hard position to fill and an expensive one to employ. As a result Extole chose SendGrid as an outsourced solution that would do the same job in a more cost effective manner. With SendGrid, Extole gained access to a team of email deliverability experts who would actively help them identify potential delivery failures before they negatively affected their mailstreams. They were also able to provide their SaaS customers with dedicated IP addresses for mailing streams and referrals – a move that helped optimize email deliverability across their client base.

Read the entire case study to learn more about how Extole uses SendGrid and to find out what Extole’s Senior Director of Customer Success, Mike Stocker had to say about the benefits they received by switching to SendGrid.

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