The following is a guest post from SendGrid customer, Robert Cox, Business Manager at BookingLive. Learn more about BookingLive at the bottom of this post.

How BookingLive Uses Email

As a provider of a successful booking system, email is crucial to the success of our service and to customer perceptions for our clients. With our system being fully automated, we have to rely on a stable email method for distribution of confirmation and cancellation notices; to maintain our reputation in the marketplace, and keep our clients’ confidence. With SendGrid, we are able to focus on server resources being used to provide faster load times for our customers where it matters. As a cloud provider ourselves, the cost of using SendGrid’s mail servers is an easy decision. But, the cost savings is not the only benefit—by passing all email through our SendGrid account, we can help clients identify bounced emails and let them know immediately to update their customer information which is key to them maintaining a good CRM record.

Additional Customer Benefits

By using a trusted transport route, we can ensure a high delivery rate with all our major email clients. This reduces the number of enquiries our clients may get from their customers who enjoy a 98% delivery rate from our systems. As we grow, we are now feeling confident to drive all our customers onto their own SendGrid accounts through the SendGrid referral programme, enabling them to track their emails, enjoy professional email templating to help them establish their brand image, and to use the powerful statistics engine within SendGrid.

Before having SendGrid, we were unable to accurately determine delivery status and provide optimum delivery rates. Since integration with SendGrid, our booking system customers are able to report on deliveries with ease. We are proud to be associated with SendGrid who continue to provide a stable and powerful platform for our customers.

BookingLive is a powerful online booking and reservation system based in the UK. In 2012, they helped companies take over 2 million bookings for activities, accommodations, courses, events, tours, and more. BookingLive mostly works with larger firms and has built an extremely diverse and powerful codebase. They have recently begun offering their services to a wider audience through their BookingLive Lite platform. For more information about BookingLive, visit them at

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