Binpress, a discovery service for high-quality source-code packages for developers, was already aware of the headaches associated with email delivery when they first started their company. They started as a web shop and as part of their services, deployed email on behalf of their customers. It was then they learned how important email delivery was to the success of their campaigns and how time consuming managing it could actually be.  So, when they opened the doors to Binpress, the founders started with a key premise in mind – look for a cloud based service that could easily integrate with their systems yet seamlessly and flawlessly manage their email so they wouldn’t have to.

They decided to test both SendGrid and Amazon SES to figure out which solution would best meet their needs. It took only two days for SendGrid to become their solution of choice. Not only were they able to start sending in under five minutes, but their email deliverability rates increased tenfold. Today they enjoy a delivery rate of 95%. However, the real boom to their operations was the time they saved in administering email.   They went from spending 20 hours per month on email down to 30 minutes per month – a 97.5% time savings.

Read the full case study and see why CEO, Adam Benayoun says “We’ll be sticking with SendGrid for the long run.”

Jill Guest
As Sr. Customer Growth Marketing Manager at SendGrid, Jill works to ensure we deliver marketing email that educates, inspires, and delights our friends and customers. Her passions include intelligent email design, developing her beer palette, and exploring the great state of Colorado.