Olapic is a social photo crowdsourcing service that helps major brands like The New York Daily News, New York Giants and Mashable leverage the power of data from multiple photo-sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Olapic currently sends 60,000 emails per month to fans on behalf of their clients whose photos have been selected for sharing on their corporate websites. Since it creates a sense of excitement for fans to have their photos posted on, for example, the New York Giants website, it’s important for those emails to be delivered to fan inboxes. However, poor deliverability and zero visibility into their email metrics with their previous provider prompted them to make change.  

After switching to SendGrid, Olapic gained instant access to delivery and response metrics which enabled them to not only see where their emails were going by each client, but also to make improvements to increase engagement. Today, Olapic maintains a high delivery rate of over 95% which translates into a 28% open rate and 15% click through – metrics way above industry averages.

Read the full Olapic case study and find out what Founder & CTO, Luis Sanz has to say about SendGrid.

Jill Guest
As Sr. Customer Growth Marketing Manager at SendGrid, Jill works to ensure we deliver marketing email that educates, inspires, and delights our friends and customers. Her passions include intelligent email design, developing her beer palette, and exploring the great state of Colorado.