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The make or break moment for businesses comes when productivity is translated into financial success. It is, after all, THE moment of truth in knowing if your brilliant idea has the capability of becoming the next big thing. Our environment is ever-changing, competitive, and unchartered. Epic success is the goal, but will it become a reality?

For start-ups, productivity can’t be measured in mouse-clicks, visits, and opt-in requests. Instead, productivity focuses on how you use human and capital resources to move your business forward. As lean, mean, fighting machines, start-ups rely on business productivity tools to provide enterprise-level solutions on a bite-size budget. These companies have devised solutions that provide easier, more flexible, and more affordable ways to chart your pathway to success. For the productivity portion of our Customer Spotlight series we’ll look at four impressive start-ups, starting with BinPress.


Binpress is a discovery service for high-quality source-code packages that are easy to implement and save endless development hours and costs. Binpress helps create a passive revenue stream that curates developer expertise and skills and sells their code online while avoiding the hassle of marketing, billing, and legal issues.

Why They Win

Binpress capitalizes on the creativity of millions of developers and provides a unique way to monetize their assets while saving hours of development time recreating what has already been done. By building a robust and trusted community, developers can use their collective brain power to build, improve, and repurpose code.

Why We Love Them

Binpress helps validate and monetize the hard work of developers everywhere. By providing a collaborative marketplace, they set the stage for innovation by some of the smartest people we know. Just like ours, their solution is made for developers by developers, so they are a kindred spirit when it comes to supporting the developer community.

For more on Binpress, check out their customer success story, here.

We will continue highlighting each company from the spotlight over the next couple of months, but if you’d like to read the entire piece right away, the full spotlight can be found here.

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