At its core, Bandsintown enriches lives by connecting fans with the artists they love. Through the Bandsintown Concerts app, users are able to track artists they love to listen to, and see when they’re coming to town and where they’re performing.

Today, over 20 million music lovers have registered with Bandsintown to track their favorite artists and learn about upcoming live performances in their areas. Currently, Bandsintown sends almost 50 million emails each month to their various recipients.

While Bandsintown communicates with customers via push, SMS, and email messages, they’ve embraced email as their core communication channel. Bandsintown uses SendGrid to send users transactional emails about their account settings, as well as marketing emails that inform fans about the artists they’re tracking.

Driving Revenue

Bandsintown has been a SendGrid customer since 2011, and chose to begin sending with us because of our scalable, reliable platform that could grow as quickly they needed. Email is a crucial element of Bandsintown’s business strategy because it performs two core functions:

  • Engagement – Messages about newly announced tour dates, updates when friends have RSVP’d to concerts, and weekly updates about artists coming to their area drive users to engage with the app and website.
  • Revenue – When users purchase tickets for a concert from an email that includes a tickets link, Bandsintown receives a small amount of revenue for the referral.

“SendGrid offers a service that goes well beyond just providing the utility needed to send our emails. SendGrid works with us to optimize the emails we send, by helping to understand our customers and our goals. They have helped us achieve impressive results, through ongoing working sessions, check-ins, and recommendations that are specifically based on our customers and our needs.” – Todd Cronin – VP of Product, @ToddCronin.

Ensuring that recipients are opening and clicking on emails is critical for the success of Bandsintown’s business. To date, revenue from email marketing accounts for an important, and growing part of Bandsintown’s revenues. Some of the emails Bandsintown sends that drive revenue and engagement include:

“Just Announced” emails that are sent when an artist that a user tracks announces a new tour date near their location.

“Concert Reminder” emails that are sent after a user has RSVP’d to a show. For users who have RSVP’d, but haven’t purchased tickets, this provides them with the ability to purchase a ticket for a show they’ve already expressed interest in.

“Friend RSVP” emails are sent to users who would like to know when their friends are attending a concert.

“Weekly Updates” contain information about all of the concerts coming up in a user’s area. This email also includes artists that are similar to the one the user tracks so that they can discover new music.


Through consistent check-ins with their Customer Success Manager, Bandsintown is able to correct problems before they impact their delivery. One of the ways Bandsintown can maintain great engagement is by providing recipients with an email preference center rather than letting them unsubscribe from all emails:

Letting recipients choose which email streams they want to receive notifications about is a great way to keep them happy with the Bandsintown email program.

Todd Cronin – VP of Product, says, “The future of Bandsintown is bright because people are listening to music more than ever before. We’re committed to expanding our communications to bring all the people in the music industry together. While this will include expanding mobile and push messaging, we also know that our email program is very successful and is here to stay.”

To learn how SendGrid can help your email program, visit our email solutions page.

Warren Duff
Warren is the Sr. Content Marketing Manager at SendGrid, specializing in email and content best practices, he develops many of the new guides you see SendGrid release as well as other pieces of content, including blogs, videos, case studies, and emails.