At SendGrid, we deliver email that matters.

And the best way to improve deliverability is to send email with the right message, to the right person, at the right time, with the right frequency. This is what drives what we do here at SendGrid, and last month, we hosted our first Email Matters event in San Francisco dedicated to educating our customers about the future of email delivery and user engagement.

During the event, we had the opportunity to sit down with several of our customers, including David Hampian, the marketing manager at Pandora.

As a company with over 250 million registered users, it should come as no surprise that Pandora sends a lot of email—“a ton,” actually. Pandora considers email one of their biggest marketing channels, using email as one of their primary vehicles to increase user engagement and get users to do more of what they came to Pandora to do—listen to music that they love.

Lucky for Pandora, integration with SendGrid has been a breeze, despite the high volume of data and user records that Pandora has on file. When you’re looking for excellent throughput and great deliverability at an affordable price, don’t just take it from us, take it from Pandora: “SendGrid was our go-to option.”

Watch the video below to see more of David’s feedback during the event:

While there are numerous reasons to believe email matters, David shares that most importantly, “email is a direct form of communication where you have the real estate and the flexibility to do cool things…and you don’t have this with other marketing channels.”

As Pandora continues to push the envelope on customer engagement, we will be here every step of the way to ensure that their email marketing campaigns are at the forefront of this success.

As Director of Corporate Communications for SendGrid, David is responsible for helping to shape the voice of SendGrid and his current responsibilities include global management of media relations, social media, and analyst relations.